Scenario 1 Scenario 1: Cylinder Overfill Incident in a Home
A 20 pound portable propane cylinder has been overfilled to more than 80%.
Scenario 2 Scenario 2: Carbon Monoxide Incident in an Auto Shop
A 500 gallon ASME propane tank is used to supply an interior space heater at an automobile repair shop.
Scenario 3 Scenario 3: Removing Exposed Propane Tanks from a Structure on Fire
A fire started in the kitchen area of a diner at an interstate highway truck stop.
Scenario 4 Scenario 4: Underground Propane Tank Leak
A bulldozer accidentally struck the top access of a 500 gallon underground propane tank.
Scenario 5 Scenario 5: MC-331 Cargo Tank Truck with Propane Liquid Leak
An automobile driver lost control of his vehicle and drove under the right side of an oncoming MC-331 cargo tank truck on a bridge.
Scenario 6 Scenario 6: Barbecue Grill Fire Next to a Home
A barbecue grill supplied by a 20 pound portable propane cylinder has developed a leak at a loose connection and has ignited.
Scenario 7 Scenario 7: Fire Involving Stationary Tank on a Farm
A broken gas line under a 1,000 gallon ASME stationary propane tank in agricultural service is feeding a propane fire.
Scenario 8 Scenario 8: Propane Fueled Delivery Truck Fire
A propane-powered, box-type delivery truck has struck a utility pole.
Scenario 9 Scenario 9: Fire Involving Bobtail Delivery Truck
A bobtail propane delivery truck has been involved in an accident on a two-lane highway.
Scenario 10 Scenario 10: Overturned Railroad Tank Car with Fire
A DOT-112 railroad tank car transporting propane has been involved in a high-speed derailment near a rural, two-lane road.
Scenario 11 Scenario 11: Gas Release Involving Stationary Tank
A propane leak has occurred under the dome cover of a 1,000 gallon ASME stationary aboveground tank.
Scenario 12 Scenario 12: Fire Involving Stationary Tank
A carelessly discarded cigarette has started a grass fire under a 1,000 gallon ASME stationary aboveground storage tank.
Scenario 13 Scenario 13: Underground Propane Tank Fire
A lawn mower runs over the exposed riser of a 500 gallon underground propane tank and ignites the leaking propane.
Scenario 14 Scenario 14: Barbecue Grill Fire on Third Floor Balcony of an Apartment Building
The resident of a four-story apartment building started a propane gas grill fire burning atop the cylinder.
Scenario 15 Scenario 15: Automobile Leaking Propane in Parking Garage
A shopping mall security officer smells a strong odor of gas and finds that the odor is strongest near the center of the garage.
Scenario 16 Scenario 16: Overturned MC-331 Cargo Tank Truck
An MC-331 cargo tank truck was cut off by an automobile causing the tank truck driver to swerve sharply and lose control.
Scenario 17 Scenario 17: Motor Fuel Cylinder Burning on a Forklift
A forklift operator was driving a propane-powered forklift by a warehouse loading dock when she smelled smoke.
Scenario 18 Scenario 18: Leak on Intermodal Pressure Tank Container
Your fire department responds to a marine terminal for a report of a gas leak involving an intermodal tank in a container yard.
Scenario 19 Scenario 19: Emergency Planning for a Propane Bulk Plant
You are the manager of a large propane bulk plant and receive a call from the Sheriff’s Department about a fire at your facility.
Scenario 20 Scenario 20: Developing Credible Scenarios for Emergency Response Planning
A propane fire has occured due to a direct lightning strike during the unloading process in a propane bulk plant.